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Paving in Centurion

Paving in CenturionAre you looking for the finest paving solutions in Centurion? Want to acquire the services of an expert paving services company in Centurion? No need to waste more time and money on inexperienced paving service providers when you have Paving in Centurion at your service. We have been offering paving services to our valued clients for the past 15 years. Professionals at Paving in Centurion are skilled to cover all your diverse paving requirements.

We are Paving Experts

A variety of pavements applications are used in urban areas. Paving not only serves the purpose of handling heavy traffic but also adds to the elegance of any property, be it residential, commercial or industrial. We offer a wide range of paving services to our clients in not only Centurion but countrywide. Whether it is installing paving for a driveway, patio, and pool, shopping mall or the repair to already installed paving, we have the skills, experience, and techniques to carry out the tasks with the assurance of optimum results and desired outcome. Furthermore, Paving in Centurion provides services at affordable rates and the achievement of top quality finishing.

We Hold a Dedicated Customer Base

Achieving satisfaction for clients demands a great sense of responsibility. No service provider can achieve a good reputation in the market unless their clients are satisfied with the quality of services. At Paving in Centurion we have thousands of happy customers not only in  Centurion but across South Africa. We have worked with residential, commercial as well as industrial clients over the last 15 years, so that makes us a one of the best paving companies in centurion.


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Our Services

Driveway Paving

Driveway Paving

A driveway to your property can have the same effect as a cover to a book. It can create a first impression that sets the tone of your property.

Patio and Pool Paving

Patio & Pool Paving

The paving around your patio and pool usually blends into each other and therefore needs to be perfectly designed. Safety is also important. 
Walkway Paving

Walkway Paving

Don’t be lead down the garden path, rather allow us to install a Walkway that you will be proud of and that will compliment your property.

Commercial Paving

Commercial Paving

Commercial paving is usually done on a large scale with a significant financial commitment. Speak to us before starting your project.

Industrial Paving

Industrial Paving

Industrial paving applications are numerous but are very different from those of residential installations to the loads that need to be accomodated.

Paving Maintenance

Paving Maintenance

 As with most things in life, your paving applications also need to be correctly maintained in order to look good and last for years to come.

Why Choose Paving in Centurion

Affordable Packages

Paving in Centurion aspires to achieve customer loyalty along with the assurance of providing affordability. We can tailor paving packages that will not only achieve the desired result but will be within the required budget. Contact us today to discuss the details and requirements of your paving project with our knowledgable team.

Experienced Service Providers

There is no substitute for experience, and we have a lot of it. We have clients from diverse industries that have acquired our services. We grow with each experience with our clients. Our working procedures have proved to be effective and have brought optimum results.

Licensed & Insured

Customers always demand credibility, and rightly so. We are licensed service providers in Centurion and follow all the quality standards while providing our services. Our equipment and procedures are safe and we have liability insurance.

Good Track Record

Quality service leads to good customer reviews. We have a good track record for all our services. All of our customers are satisfied with the quality and timeline of work of services we have provided. Paving in Centurion aspires to maintaining a high quality of service experienced by every client.

Supreme Quality Material

A paving job done with inferior materials is defeating the entire object of a quality paving job. We continually source paving bricks and materials to ensure your paving will endure and add visual beauty for many many years.

About Paving in Centurion

Paving in Centurion is a household name when it comes to offering the finest paving services to the clients in Centurion and countrywide. We offer a wide range of paving services from residential to industrial projects countrywide. We have been in this business for the last 15 years and we are continually growing. We have expert professionals in our team who are well-equipped with the skill set and knowledge to offer the best paving services. If you are seeking quality workmanship at affordable rates, then Paving in Centurion has the right services to offer you.

I am so pleased with the job that was done around our swimming pool.

Charl Venter

These are the best paving guys I have ever used. They don’t leave any mess after a days work like most other contractors we have used in the past.

Grahame Walker

What a pleasant experience. The quote was not the cheapest, but it turned out to be value for money. I recommend using this company

Felix Makanda

Let’s Get Your Paving Job Done!!

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